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  • A woman was wrongfully charged with an offense that threatened her career and livelihood.  Walker Fults accepted her case, rejected the prosecutor’s plea offer, and took the case to a trial by jury, obtaining a not guilty verdict and acquittal for his client.
  • A man faced a second motion to revoke probation on enhanced felony charges, facing up to life in jail.  Walker Fults arranged for him to be reinstated on probation, resulting in zero jail time.
  • A man was pulled over for speeding and police found drugs in his pocket. Walker Fults argued the search was unlawful and had the drug evidence thrown out at trial, resulting in the client being found completely not guilty.
  • A man faced a motion to revoke probation on felony charges punishable up to 20 years in prison.  Walker Fults successfully negotiated for him to be reinstated on probation and avoid jail time.
  • A woman charged with possession of meth violated her probation and faced two years in jail.  Walker Fults arranged a successful plan to have her put back on probation, resolving her charges.
  • A woman had over ten outstanding warrants for her arrest in three different North Texas counties for multiple class B and C misdemeanors. She hired Walker Fults, who successfully arranged a coordinated plan to satisfy all warrants and put his client right with the law.
  • A man was arrested for assault family violence after a heated argument with his wife. He hired Walker Fults, who arranged a successful settlement for no conviction on the charge, protecting the client’s professional reputation.
  • A business owner and father was charged with assault after a customer in his store refused to leave.  Unwilling to get a criminal charge on his record that might compromise his career, he hired Walker Fults, who persistently demanded full discovery of the evidence his client was entitled to under the law.  After setting the case for trial and refusing to let up on the prosecutor, the case was dismissed.
  • A young man was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia in the course of a routine traffic stop. Worried about the impact of the drug charge on his future, he hired Walker Fults, who arranged a successful settlement resulting in no conviction on the charge.
  • A man had multiple infractions for driving while license invalid, resulting in escalating charges that grew beyond his ability to handle.  Rather than take convictions, he hired Walker Fults, who negotiated a successful reduction of the charge to a low level routine traffic offense, saving the client’s record, and money in the process.
  • A college student was charged with minor in consumption of alcohol. Wishing to keep his record clean, he hired Walker Fults, who worked out a settlement that successfully avoided a conviction.

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