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Drug Offenses

Steep Penalties for Victimless Crime

Although studies increasingly show that harsh drugs laws are counter-effective, Texas prosecutors continue to push for the harshest penalties under the law. Many people are caught off guard that as drugs are becoming de-criminalized across many states, Texas laws still carry very steep penalties. Even first time offenders charged with a drug crime sometimes face mandatory jail time, excessive fines, or a black eye on their record that makes future work opportunities scarce.

Common Types of Drug Offenses

The consequences of being convicted of a drug related offense can have far reaching effects on your future, even after your court sanctioned penalties have been meted out. Some common drug charges include:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sales
  • Manufacture/Delivery
  • Trafficking/Distribution
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Cultivation

The penalties for each case depend on many factors, such as the quantity of drugs involved, a person’s past criminal record, and the admissibility of certain evidence. Walker Fults has successfully challenged drug evidence at trial, resulting in suppression of the evidence and complete vindication for his client through a not guilty verdict. Hire an attorney who will aggressively investigate the circumstances of your unique case, and work together with you to craft a strategic and effective defense plan that puts your interests above everything else.

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