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Probation & Parole Violations

The terms of probation or parole mandated by a court or prosecutor’s office often include many hoops for you to jump through.  In the course of daily life, complete compliance with conditions of your probation or parole can be hard.  If you miss even one small requirement, you can end up triggering a violation that threatens to undo all the work you’ve already done.

If you find yourself facing a probation or parole violation, it’s easy to feel helpless and beat down, but don’t worry.  At the Law Office of Walker Fults, we will work to put you back on track in a way that is manageable and works for you.

Technical vs. Substantive Violations

A major determining factor in addressing a probation violation or parole violation is whether it was a technical or a substantive violation.  Stricter penalties can be applied to more serious crimes or violations.  A technical violation such as a missed appointment or class differs from a more substantive violation, such as a new charge on a related offense.  Penalties for violations can result in judicial reprimands, mandated jail time, an official finding of guilt, and additional imposed conditions.

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Navigating these differences and the requirements that go along with them can be difficult.  Call the Law Office of Walker Fults at (214) 797-1861 to learn how our aggressive, experienced legal representation can benefit you.

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