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Breaking News: Not Guilty Trial Verdict

The overwhelming majority of criminal cases in Texas resolve before a jury is ever seated.  However, that wasn’t an option for one Hutchins, Texas, bus driver for two reasons.  First, she had a CDL, or commercial driver’s license, which meant her job and livelihood was on the line.  Second, she never did the crime, and was resolved to carry the case all the way to trial to get a Not Guilty verdict and clear her good name.  And it’s a good thing she did.

False Accusations

The past couple years have seen a swell of public support for police.  Nowhere is this truer than in Dallas, where tragedy struck the city just over a year ago.  Still, many citizens have suffered abuse at the hands of bad police, and have even been charged with crimes police should have known never occurred.  For one Hutchins resident, this meant the possible loss of her job.  Determined to put up a strong defense, she hired the Law Office of Walker Fults.

Give Me My Day in Court!

After rejecting several plea offers from the State’s attorney, Walker Fults set the case for trial in front of a jury.  Fults held the State to its burden, by impeaching the police testimony offered at trial, educating the jury on their obligation under the law to find guilt only in the case the State proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and taking a calculated risk by putting his own client on the stand.  It paid off: after about twenty minutes of deliberations, the jury came back with their two word verdict: Not Guilty.

Criminal defense attorneys are sometimes pressured to accept the State’s plea deal, oftentimes on the first setting.  However, an aggressive approach uncovers the evidence (or lack of it) in a case.  That preparation pays off, when it opens the door to either a better offer from the State, or the chance for a complete victory at trial.

The Advocate You Need

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, hire an attorney who’s not afraid to fight for you in court, and has the track record to get the right result.

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